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Our story isn’t a unique one. There are dairy farmer’s across the United States who are having to give up on their dreams and stop milking. We have decided to share our story. We are grateful our local media, along with NBC, CNBC, and others have reached out to help us do just that.



Contessa Brewer reports dairy farmers across eight states are struggling as big retailers, such as Walmart and Kroger, get into the milk business.


Courier Journal

"The industry didn't want us or need us," said Curtis Coombs, who runs a farm in Smithfield, Kentucky, with his wife, Carilynn. Since they received the letter from Dean terminating their contract, they scrambled to call as many co-ops or processors that they could — anyone who could take their milk.


NBC News

In June 2018, we had the opportunity to have the Digital NBC team come out and do a short documentary on our last days milking. While it was a very difficult interview, it allowed us to share our story.