Started in 1965 by Creed & Helen Coombs, Jericho Acres Dairy farm has been passed down two more generations. Currently the three partners are brothers Guy Coombs, Dennis Coombs, and Guy's son Curtis Coombs. 

Along with our families, we have expanded the home farm to 475 acres from the original 180 while growing the milking herd from 50 cows to 80 cows.

In March of 2018, we received a letter from our processor and was told our milk was no longer needed. This was due to the over supply of milk in the market and due to a customer of theirs building their own processing plant.

In May of the same year, we sold our entire herd to other dairy farms who continued to have a market. 

Through the challenges we are currently facing we recognized the responsibility of sharing our story with consumers. Which led us to being featured on various news outlets. To see more about the media coverage please visit our media page.